BobYou probably clicked on “What About Bob?” because you like the movie starring Bill Murray.  I am sorry to say that this is really just my bio.  I will try not to disappoint you further.

I have been drawing silly little cartoons for most of my life.  I can remember sitting in 6th grade while Mrs. Rentsch (yes, her real name) read stories to us on Fridays.  We had the option of writing or drawing about the stories, so I busted out the 64-pack of crayons.  I pretty much draw the same way today that I did waaaay back then…poorly (insert winking emoticon here).

For most of my adult life I have been a graphic designer, specializing in logo design.  I am not nearly as lame at designing logos as I am at drawing perspective, or hands, and I would be happy to design your corporate logo for a small truckload of cash.  Jump on over to my logo website to see if I am making up stuff.

As for Evil Crayon–several times in the past 20 years I tried to syndicate these, but I kept getting the standard rejection letter (Dear Bob, You Suck! Sincerely, Someone You Will Never Work For). In 2010 I got the hint that I wouldn’t be in the newspaper every day, so I decided to put my cartoons on the web. Who knows…maybe one of those syndicate losers will see this and tear his hair out and see the error of his ways and offer me a huge contract.

Nah.  The syndicate losers don’t have hair.

I hope you enjoy Evil Crayon, and that you share them with your friends (and especially your enemies).


Bob Downs

Somewhere in Colorado